Why swaddle?

It soothes your babe as a swaddle bag replicates cozy feeling of the womb in the early months. It also reduces the likelihood that your little ones startle reflex will wake them, leading to better sleep for everyone!

The neck must be fitted to avoid your babe slipping down in the swaddle, if you can fit two fingers in the back of the neck when done up then it is right. The chest should be able to expand freely, our swaddle bags should allow your babes arms to move into a comfortable position. Babies do not regulate their temperature very well, so ensure coverings keep them warm but not hot.

When your babe starts to show signs of rolling from their back onto their tummy, it is time to look at putting their arms out. We suggest starting with one arm and letting your babe adjust before moving to both arms out.

Shipping policy

All international orders will be handled by UPS and Australia Post, Australian orders will be serviced by a domestic carrier. International shipments will have a transit time of approx. 3-5 days, while domestic shipments will be 2-5 days. Each order comes with tracking and tracing, you will be emailed the tracking number as soon as the shipment is dispatched. 

Depending on your Country you may have applicable duties and taxes. If so, these can be paid online or with your delivery driver. 

We offer shipping worldwide.

For Australia wide shipments we expect a transit time of approx. 2-5 days. For international orders, the transit time will vary depending on location.

Returns and exchanges

We pride ourselves on making a high quality product. Returns will only be accepted in the unlikely event that your product is faulty. Please advise us within 7 days of receiving your product and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent.

Please note – As all our products are handmade, returns will not be accepted for change of mind.

If you need to return a faulty item, we will provide a shipping label at the time of organising the return.

Our Bunny Street swaddle bags comply with AS/NZ 1249-2014 - Children's nightwear and limited daywear having reduced fire hazard - category 4 requirements.

Category 1 - Garments made from fabric and trims that pass low flammability tests. Examples include wool, some synthetics and some heavy cottons.

Category 2 - Garments that are close fitting, such as pyjamas, do not ignite or burn as readily. As a result, they may be made from more flammable fabrics. Garment measurements apply according to size.

Category 3 - Babies' all-in-ones have their own category because there is little difference between daywear and nightwear. This category covers all-in-one garments in sizes 00–2, such as jumpsuits and rompers.

Category 4 - Applies to garments that do not fit categories 1, 2 or 3 but still meet some fabric, size and burning test requirements.