Sleep tips for your babe

Sleep tips for your babe

Sleep can be a really overwhelming area for both parents and newborns in the first few months. Here are some tips to help you as you settle into life with your new babe.

1. Implement a wind down routine before bed. This will help your babe know that it is time for sleep.

2. Make sure your babies room is dark. A dark room helps to reduce stimulation for your babe. It is also a queue that it is time to sleep.

3. Babies love white noise. The womb is a noisey place, with a constant hum of ambient sounds. Using white noise (at a safe level) can help soothe your babe and assist with them staying asleep for longer. 

4. Remind yourself that you are doing an amazing job. When it gets hard, remember that this too shall pass. What you are finding hard today will be a memory tomorrow. 

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