Our Vision for a Circular Economy

Reused gumboots

Our vision at Bunny Street is to be a part of the movement to shift away from the fast fashion ethos and into products that were created with a circular economy in mind. 

Here are a few things we are doing to stimulate a circular economy;-

1. Making sure all of our products are made from high quality, durable materials which can be used for as long as possible.

2. Our products are designed to be easily disassembled so they can be recycled.

3. We are currently on the hunt for a charity or business that will give our customers access to clothing recycling or charities looking for pre loved clothing.

Our primary focus is to disrupt the notion of a product having "an end of life". Once you have finished with an item, there are multiple ways that item can still have a positive impact.

If a circular economy is something you like the sound of, here are a few ideas of where you can start on your sustainability journey;-

1. Think before you purchase. Buy what you need.

2. Reuse and recycle where possible. Even if you have finished with something it may still have a use for someone else- clothing donations, clothing recyclers.

3. Buy local. Reduce your environmental impact by buying locally, this way products are travelling less to get to you and this helps on many levels.


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